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William E. Curry

William E. Curry Is The CEO

William E. Curry is the CEO of Mustafa Investment Group. Mustafa Investment Group is a high quality investment firm that works exclusively with companies based in the healthcare industry. Mustafa acquired an excellent CEO. This match was perfect because Mustafa is a reputable company in the healthcare investment industry with a history of providing exceptional investment advice. William E. Curry has a lot of experience in this field and is associated with innovative and successful ventures. Mustafa utilized the services of Mandrien


William E. Curry already had a long history of success before he became the CEO of Mustafa. Curry’s first big success was achieved while he was an account manager for Lichten Advisors in New York City. While he was there Curry served as the lead for Lichten in the 7 billion dollar acquisition of a company called Casa Blanca, Inc. This acquisition was the largest transaction in the history of Casa Blanca and Curry represented Lichten’s interest throughout the entire process. Using his experience from Lichten,  Curry became president of Clean Systems, a health services firm.  Companies who have unique transactions will normally need to complete those transactions quicker than a normal. Therefore it is important for these companies to retain experienced firms to handle the transactions for them because they do not have the specialized experience to properly maneuver the process for themselves.


Inc Web Stats - William E. Curry

Curry’s last position before becoming CEO of Mustafa was the  Director of US Tile. While at US Tile he was also the Director of Nutro Solutions. At US Tile William E. Curry was responsible for oversight and shaping of the company’s plans around issues with quality assurance, risk management, compliance, technology, operations and national imaging strategies. Nutro Solutions was a company that provided new and innovative technologies for the tile industry.


William E. Curry is an accomplished man and a leader in his field. He has shown innovation and creativity to further his respective companies’ interests. His ability to lead in business endeavors that have never been done is exceptional. It demonstrates how he sees potential ground-breaking opportunities and acts quickly to effectively maneuver his organizations through them so that the company thrives in any environments.


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